Surviving the “fruit fast”

Fruit. It's what's for dinner.

Fruit. It’s what’s for dinner.

As part of my teacher training program, we are also following a 40 day transformation program that focuses on creating healthy habits with regard to diet, exercise and meditation.

There is a book we use to follow the program, and then on Wednesday nights we meet to talk about our progress…

And we talk about our feelings…A LOT.

We laugh, We cry. We stand up and reveal our hang-ups and insecurities and imperfections to perfect strangers (kinda like I do on this blog).

It’s a ton of fun and I feel right at home in the thick of it. I love this stuff.

The part of the program I am NOT comfortable with is the diet.

I’m a picky eater. Always have been. I enjoy eating and I will not give that up. That being said, in week three of the program we are all asked to follow a three day “fruit fast”, during which we are asked to eat a diet consisting almost entirely of fruit.

Of course, when I heard about this my mind immediately went to apples, oranges, bananas and berries. And I mentally refused to follow it from the get-go.

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve actually gotten to a place where I follow a relatively healthy diet. When I was younger, my diet consisted of chicken, rice, potatoes and chocolate. Over the last few years I’ve started incorporating salads and other kinds of protein into my daily routine. Foods that downright disgusted me before – like salmon or avocados – have become staples of my everyday nutrition.

So, ok, salmon is clearly not fruit, but avocados, tomatoes, squash, eggplant, peppers and even almonds are part of the fruit family, and when it dawned on me that I could “cheat” this diet by figuring out what other mystery fruit I could consume over the next few days while technically still following the rules, it became an intellectual challenge rather than a nuisance.

And I realized this morning that as healthy as it might be, I derive a lot of comfort from the routine of my diet. So why not step out of my comfort zone?

I’m getting squirmy thinking about the fact that I can’t have whole grain toast with almond butter, honey and bananas for breakfast tomorrow morning. But rather than feeling bummed about it, the fridge-full of new and exciting foods I bought at Whole Foods this afternoon gives me something positive to focus on.

Like dates filled with almond butter. Or figs. Or mango with salt. Or one small scrambled egg (we’re allowing a small portion of lean protein if we need it) and avocado.

All of this paired with an tasty almond milk latte, of course.

Because guess what? Coffee’s a fruit.

And so is wine. 🙂




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