A lesson in what NOT to do


Here I am, venturing into the unknown

So do you remember how for the last few posts I have been all mysterious about the things that are going on in my life right now and how my goal is to not get overwhelmed and yadda yadda yadda?

Well, here’s the scoop. It’s not just the teacher training and the Brooklyn Half. On April 1st I am changing roles within my company, going from managing a team of salespeople for one of our divisions to managing a product designed FOR salespeople in an industry segment I’ve become quite familiar with.

It’s a big and exciting change, and while in theory my new job will be more flexible and less demanding than my old job (in theory), this is all happening while I’m also starting yoga teacher training (I start in less than a week!!!) and training for my second half marathon.

My half marathon training has so far consisted of about three runs a week, two shorter ones and one longer one. Nothing sophisticated, I don’t push my pace or do anything fancy. Short runs are either 3 or 4 miles and long runs started at 5 miles and I’m now up to 8 miles. I’ve also done my best to do yoga three times a week, and when I have an opening I throw in some light cross-training like riding a stationary bike.

So far that’s all worked out okay, but the problem I’m now faced with is that my training will eat up most of my Saturdays and Sundays starting next week, since our sessions go from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM both days. And while the yoga takes care of itself (there is some yoga practice baked into the sessions, apparently), I’m having anxiety around where and when I will squeeze in that long run.

The problem isn’t just the TIME, per se, but my body’s ability to absorb that much physical activity. Case in point, I went to my usual yoga class yesterday for an hour and fifteen minutes. Granted, it’s probably one of the most physically intense classes at the studio, but it’s nothing I haven’t done before. And today I’m sore. Really, really sore.

Which would be fine if I could just do some light exercise, or go for a walk in the gorgeous weather outside. But I haven’t done my long run yet and I’m up to 8 miles, which at my pace could easily take close to 90 minutes. AND today is my last chance for about 8 weeks (the length of my training) to can attend the Intermediate yoga class I enjoy so much.

The solution I’m contemplating at this point (at least for today’s “problem”) is running to the studio for my class and running home afterward, which will bring me up to about 7 miles on the day. I’m leaving the option open in my head of calling my husband to go pick me up if I’m just too beat up to make the run back.

Of course, whatever I do will mean I’m going to show to for work on Monday cursing the day I decided I was superhuman enough to take all this on at the same time – and, again, we haven’t even thrown the teacher training factor into the mix!

So, I am stressed. But I’m stressed in the WORST way. I’m not stressed about something that is happening now – I’m preemptively stressing about something that may happen a few weeks from now when all my new ventures come to a head. For all I know, my body could easily adapt to all the physical activity and everything could just effortlessly fall into place, in which case my stressing will have doneย nothing but rob me of my enjoyment of what I’m doing right now.

Not to mention that none of this is really a big deal, since it’s not life or death, and it will all be behind me by the end of May. But there’s no reasoning with the anxious mind.

The punchline, then, from the title of this post is not so much about taking on more than you can handle, but rather about worrying prematurely about things you might be able to CRUSH.

PS: Any stories about “biting off more than you can chew” and coming out victorious on the other side would be most appreciated right now!


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