The un-glorification of busy

1947549_887313647986875_4493608073950915997_nI started training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon a couple of weeks ago – or at the very least, I started running a few miles a week again, with my longest run being 5 miles, and a couple of three-milers thrown in during the week just to get back in the habit.

This is all in addition to three days a week of yoga, of course, which on weeks like this one (I had a business trip to New Orleans that threw me off schedule), means I’m doubling up on running and yoga on Saturday and Sunday.

It’s been easier than I expected to get back into running. It may be the cold weather, or the fact that I’ve been keeping the pace well below my limit, but I finish even the long runs with some wind in my sails. The snow and ice has been making it difficult to run outside, but even after running indoors the endorphins make me feel GREAT – particularly when I can properly combine running with yoga without ending up feeling sore and stiff.

Once yoga teacher training starts at the end of March, I will likely have to find a way to squeeze a lot of the running into my work week, since training will go from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM both days during the weekend. And once the long runs start getting longer – 10 miles or more – the running will consume significantly more time than it’s consuming now.

And I really don’t like being busy. As much as I’m a doer, it irritates me to have to rush from one thing to the next, stressing about being on time, getting it all done, without a moment to myself. That’s the kind of pressure that leads me into the deep dark hole of anxiety, and I have no plans on going there again any time soon.

So, the next few months – between now and my Half on May 16th – will be all about being busy without FEELING busy. Or rather, being busy without feeling overwhelmed.

The good news is I’m an expert at making trade-offs and I have no problem putting in a sub-par performance in activities I’ve de-prioritized. I will quickly ditch Half Marathon training in favor of everything else in my life and put in a sub-par performance on that 13.1 without giving it a second thought. The bad news is that running 13.1 miles without adequate training at my age (yes I’m STILL on the ‘at my age’ wavelength) could be the straw that broke the camel’s back of my knees.

Either way, it will be an interesting Spring around here. Let’s just hope I can keep my sanity, as well as my cartilage intact.


2 thoughts on “The un-glorification of busy

  1. “will be all about being busy without FEELING busy.” I’ve been scribbling notes the last half-hr on a post about the power of FEELINGS. Commendable goals, both inner and outer. Take good care of yourself. =)


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