Back in the saddle again!


I meant to tell you guys after last weekend how much I miss running.

On Saturday I took the time to walk over to a different part of town to get a mani pedi, get my haircut, do some shopping and generally dawdle around, which is something I used to do quite frequently before and haven’t really done too much of recently – most likely because my dawdling was usually related to some sort of run I had just completed where I’d run out of gas part of the way home.

I walked about 3 miles that day, and as much as I love yoga, it felt good to be mobile. I loved being out on the street and feeling my legs pumping and just soaking up the people around me as they went about their days.

Fortuitously, a very dear friend of mine then emailed me on Weds while I was in the middle of an all day meeting to see whether I’d be interested in running the Brooklyn Half Marathon in May. For context, I haven’t run in months and I haven’t run long distances since my last half marathon in the spring of last year.

The Brooklyn half sells out very quickly so if I wanted to do it, I needed to decide pretty much then and there.

I don’t know when I will have to time to train between work and yoga and yoga teacher training (which I have STILL not signed up for but I am determined to do), but the thought of running the New York course in the spring time with my friend and my sister – who I happened to also recruit off the cuff and who is an experienced distance runner, so pretty much always ready for a half marathon – really appealed to me.

So I signed up. I figure between that and teacher training, now I will ALWAYS have something to write about.

Here’s the time to match! Wish me luck!



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