All I Want for Christmas


“I mean… I’m sure I wasn’t THAT bad… right?”

Dear Santa,

Please bring me:

1) A little more time to enjoy the small wonders in my life. Like my son, reading ME a bedtime story when a few months ago he could only read three words – yes, no and his name. Or an unexpected smile during yoga. Or more small victories at work.

2) The wisdom and confidence to age gracefully AND graciously (since that has been a theme in my writing over the past couple of weeks). Or, you know, fewer wrinkles and less cellulite? That would fly too.

3) Many years of health, love and happiness for my loved ones – but especially for my son.

Can I breathe now??

Can I breathe now??

4) More hot and funky yoga pants that will make me the center of attention. Check! I just wish my reindeer ones would get here now!

5) A little help with my six pack, please!

Lots of love,

Elisa V. (you know… that crazy yoga woman)


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