The one where I’m a big fat cheater

doorThey say love opens all doors.

Well, I have to confess, I’ve recently fallen in love with a new yoga studio, and you know that feeling I said a few posts ago I never “got”?

That’s right, I’ve got it.

I’m cheating on my regular studio and I feel guilty.

At first I thought this new place was WEIRD. I went because they offer kids’ yoga classes and I enrolled my son. But then they TRICKED me into trying out their classes for $1 a day, and I really couldn’t resist.

The first time I went I thought it was all wrong for me. There was no music. The studio is really big, so it looks like you’re practicing on a squash court. People make a ton of weird noises while practicing. Like a lot of loud sighing and neighing – like horses. And everyone actually CLAPS at the end of the class.

I swear to God, I felt like I was on an airplane full of first time flyers, clapping after landing.

But then I noticed the floors, though they look like hardwood, are actually PADDED. That means I can fall as much as I want without worrying about breaking my neck.

They also have an assistant on hand for all their larger classes, so someone’s always around to adjust me when I need it.

And all the weird noises are from the instructor actually instructing people on how and when to breather. I didn’t expect it but it’s such an awesome thing when everyone is breathing in unison, and it helps me work out my terrible habit of holding my breath.

They also have a lot more classes, so I’m not as limited in when I can attend. This has led me to consistently practice four times a week for the last two weeks.

So I guess for now I’m going to keeping stringing two studios along – if the guilt doesn’t kill me.


One thought on “The one where I’m a big fat cheater

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