Yoga in the Cuberhood

We brought someone in this week to do a brief yoga session for us at work. As a sales organization, this time of year is photo (17)especially stressful, so my manager and I thought a quick 30 minutes of yoga would go a long way toward energizing the team for the long road we still have ahead of us before the end of the year.

I wish I’d taken pictures.

I had the privilege of coordinating the session with Amy, the wonderful instructor who led us through the practice. She was incredibly easy going and even liked the idea that, given the dropping temperatures, unpredictable weather, and lack of appropriate facilities, the most likely venue for our session would be the Cuberhood outside my office.

For those of you who don’t speak Millennial, the Cuberhood (or Cube Farm, if you prefer that terminology), is the section of cubicles where a particular team or business unit sits in an office building. It’s the Cube Neighborhood, if you will, and if you can imagine such a place with yoga mats and other exercise-like accoutrements strewn about the floor, that’s what our practice was like on Thursday.

I was very excited to see my team get swept up in the spirit of the practice. There were downward dogs in the hallways and in the cube-aisles. The motley crew of twenty- and thirty-something sales people weren’t snickering and rolling their eyes at each other – they were taking it seriously, trying their hardest, and really getting into it.

And although it was Amy who ultimately led them through the session (for many, their first one), I felt like I had done my bit in bringing yoga into other people’s lives. Yes, I know it sounds cheesy, but sometimes I get so fed up with the BS and posturing of the corporate world, it felt great for a moment to watch people let their guard down, become vulnerable and allow someone else to help them heal.


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