Yoga gone…. right?

I went to a new yoga studio yesterday and I didn’t want the class to end. After it was over, all I wanted to do was talk to my cousin – who had invited me to come to his regular studio with him – about how it had gone.

That’s the sign of a good class right there.

I loved the space, and while the difficulty was well within my reach, I still got a lot out of the hour and fifteen minutes we were there. Looking around me (not judging, I promise) I saw a handful of people that reminded me of what I must have been like when I first started going to mixed level classes a little over a year ago. Cringing, hunching over, refusing to use blocks or straps when blocks AND straps were clearly necessary.

My regular instructor Rebecca gets frustrated at me for always aiming for the most difficult variation of the pose, even if I don’t have easier variations down pat yet.

Feet splayed out, head not centered between my biceps, 40 lb monkey on my abs... This is a pretty DON'T as far as Wheel Pose goes.

Feet splayed out, head not centered between my biceps, 40 lb monkey on my abs… This is a pretty big DON’T as far as Wheel Pose goes.

And can I be honest? Looking at recent pictures of myself, I can see why! The one on the right in Wheel, for example, helped me see just much I was improperly compensating with my body just to get myself up there. The kid on my stomach is another story.

Those of you who don’t practice yoga will probably scratch your heads at this one. Those of you who do will recognize what I mean when I say I was one of those people who HAVE to touch their toes – no matter how much back-rounding it took to get there. I’ve slowly been weaning myself off the habit, but occasionally I still find myself “cheating” to get into some bind.

At the beginning of each class, most instructors ask you to set an intention. My intention recently has been to recognize when I’m pushing myself constructively and when I’m just trying to show off for everyone else in the room.

Yoga’s taught me I’m a lot more Alpha than I care to admit. But I’m working on it.

And I managed to stay true to my intention yesterday… for the most part. I also managed to nail a good Wheel or two.

Ok fine, maybe just one decent one, but I’m improving! 🙂

Not perfect... but better!

Not perfect… but better!


5 thoughts on “Yoga gone…. right?

    • You know what’s interesting? I feel like my instructors don’t adjust me very much, and I’ve been wondering lately whether it’s because I have great alignment (ha ha, yeah right), or because I give off the vibe that I’m not coachable.

      The truth is I really want to learn but I don’t have enough proprioception to figure out on my own when something is out of whack (and there are no mirrors in my studio).


  1. It’s probably the latter! I have a strong personality and a stern resting face, so people who don’t know me well fail to realize I’m actually more laid back than I appear. OR it’s all just in my head. 🙂

    I don’t know how I feel about mirrors in yoga. The other day at my regular studio I happened to get a spot next to the window and I could see myself reflected there. It was helpful for things like making sure I wasn’t dropping my shoulder and the like, but I think if I always had a mirror I would get really discouraged. Every time my husband takes a picture of my to post on here I can’t get over how awkward I look… then I laugh it off and post the picture anyway, but if it were constant I might not find it so funny!


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