It’s Happy Hour

The talented Diana from A Holistic Journey put out a call to action to her readers to describe their happiest moment in 50 words or less.

I’ve had my share of them, of course, not least of which was the birth of my son (which was a production onto itself). But lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the constant, low key, underlying happiness I’ve been feeling over the last year or so, and wanted to convey a concept I’ve flirted with on my own blog but haven’t fully developed.

I’ve been toying with the idea that when you’re happy, truly happy, even the little things like the crisp air on a clear spring night or the thought of having dinner with your family can bring you to tears. Happiness doesn’t always have to be a major event – it can be a collection of little ones (day in, day out), fueled by the gratitude of knowing that our time here is brief and that while we may have obstacles to overcome, wonderful things always surround us despite our circumstances.

Much easier said than done, and much easier said in 200 words than in 50, but please find Diana’s happiness collection below. I hope you enjoy reading, and that you’ll visit her blog (as well as the others)!

PS: Those of you who know me may be surprised that it was actually one of the other readers who wrote about a moment in Nicaragua. How did that happen, you ask? The Universe, I tell you!

A Holistic Journey

It happened after yoga one night. The April air was crisp as we hadn’t fully settled into spring. My family waited for me at home, dinner on the table. My eyes filled with tears of contentment. I had come through years of debilitating anxiety and was fortunate to be alive.

Average Yogini

So here are my picks to the prompt: Tell me about a moment when you were happy, so happy you could hardly see straight. You couldn’t have been happier if you’d won the Lottery. Go ahead and visit one another, make friends. Enjoy.


Tough choice: Is it the day I completed a 10,000-mile bicycle ride and met Peggy; or the night California voters approved an effort I had initiated to reduce tobacco use? One led to happiness; the other has saved an estimated one million lives. I’ll go with love.

Wandering Through Time and Place

One year…

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