The one about the chakras

You knew it was coming. That post about something new-agey and quirky, like energy or chakras.

photo (12)All this time I’ve been lulling you into a false sense of security. Going about my business seeming relatively normal. Living among you. Like a sleeper.

And now that I’ve gained your trust, I’m springing it on you – that yoga mumbo jumbo.

Well… kind of.

Chakras, according to the yogic tradition, are energy centers in the body. There are seven of them, and sometimes when you accumulate too much or too little energy in any one of these you start to develop physical or psychological issues.

I can’t say for certain whether chakras exist. But I’m open minded enough to think it’s possible, and curious enough about anatomy and the complexity of the human body and mind, to explore the idea on occasion.

This is how I think about it. Motion creates energy. Flow creates energy. That’s why we have things like hydroelectric plants and wind-up, no battery flashlights.

Your body is constantly in motion. And if you’re like me, you create tension in a lot of different places throughout the day, mostly unconsciously. I grit my teeth 24/7. That has to create some sort of energy somewhere.

But anyway, back to the chakras. So, people with anxiety – like moi – tend to have an imbalance or a blockage in the first chakra, an energy center located at the base of your spine. Folks like me are generally not rooted down in the here and now. We’re not secure enough to trust the ground beneath us (and I LITERALLY have that problem since I’m constantly thinking about things like earthquakes and sinkholes).

People with a first chakra problem also tend to have poor balance (ahem) and tight leg muscles.

Ultimately you can take it or leave it with the chakra talk but multiple studies have shown that practicing yoga can improve your mental health and reduce stress – even when compared to other physical activities like running or working out in general. So there’s gotta be SOMETHING about the moving of one pose to another that tricks your brain and body into getting things to click into place.

Chakras may very well be metaphorical, of course, but whatever the truth behind them, I discovered this video on Twitter today that targets every chakra in just five minutes. I figured I’d give it a shot, and if nothing else, I’m getting a small dose of yoga that I can squeeze into any point in my day.

And given my stress levels over traveling this week, and my troublesome lack of yoga, I think I’m due for another dose.

Hope you guys are having a good start to your weekend!


6 thoughts on “The one about the chakras

      • I liked the information you provided – very infesting to me. Also I feel like you kinda found your voice or something – the like tempo or something was different – I could hear you more clearly. The writing was more confident , like I could hear you more than just your words.

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