Living Someone Else’s Yoga

Yesterday instead of going to yoga I went to play golf with my husband and son.

photo (10)We got up early, headed over to our local public golf course and signed up for my husband’s regular nine holes. Getting up at seven and being out the door by 7:45 made me feel incredibly productive.

Spending the next two and a half hours outside with my family felt even more rewarding.

Golf is nothing like yoga, except that it’s a lot like yoga. From one hole to the next, I thought about nothing but hitting that little ball to make it go in the general direction of the hole I was aiming for. The more you play, the more you learn to focus your mind and the more you develop the muscle memory required to make the ball go closer and closer to where it needs to be.

The crickets chirped, the Washington Monument shone in the distance, and I loved every minute of chasing that little yellow ball around with my clubs, given it a whack, and chasing it around some more.

My son laughed and ran and played the whole time, to the chagrin of the serious golfers on the course. He was desperate to drive the golf cart and at one point I have to admit, I let him put his foot on the gas pedal while I steered.

I was so distracted and amused by the fact that I was in fact successful at hitting the little yellow ball forward that I forgot to keep count of my strokes. Given that my son was the official keep of the scorecard it didn’t matter much anyway. Deciphering his hieroglyphics was next to impossible even for my husband, who was keeping track.

After our nine holes, we went over to the driving range where I got a chance to whack some more balls into oblivion. In the booth next to ours there was a guy cursing under his breath, trying desperately to get into the right position so his shots would go exactly as far and in the direction he wanted them to go.

I felt bad for the guy. His shots looked pretty good to me but he didn’t seem to be having much fun. I almost wondered why he bothered.

All in all it was a very worthwhile activity to exchange a day of yoga for, particularly since I managed to get in a good thirty minutes of practice when we got home, and I was fortunate enough to spend over two hours outside enjoying my family’s company and doing something I’d never done before.

If I haven’t convinced you yet to try yoga, let me try to sell you on golf. It’s not as bendy and it’s not as sweaty, but it’s a great alternative if all you’re looking for is a two hour break from your thoughts and a chance to give a tiny ball a good hard whack. 🙂


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