Yoga Challenge Day 10: Struggling!


Recipe: Chocolate Shakeology, bananas, almond butter, almond milk and spinach.

My freaking life is getting in the way of my challenge.

Ran on Monday. Ran on Tuesday. Went to yoga on Wednesday. Took a break Thurs and Fri. Planned to go to Sunrise Yoga on the Dock on Saturday and I set my alarm wrong, so I ran on Saturday instead. My husband went to play golf early this morning (golf is his yoga) and planned on being back in time for me to go to my 10:30 yoga class but closed streets for the Ragnar RelayΒ prevented him from making it.

I’ve been looking online for Sunday afternoon classes but not having any luck. I’m going to have to bust out my mat and practice at home. It’s sub-optimal but it gets the job done. The problem with this is I don’t push myself at home – I only do what I like!

The good news is I’ve continued the healthy eating bit. I’ve been having salad for lunch more days and putting spinach in my shakes on days when there’s not enough green on my plate. I even have this munchkin drinking spinach without knowing it.

I guess I’ll keep on keeping on, and let you guys know how it went later.


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