Yoga Challenge Day 2: Still on the Wagon!

Today was an off day for workouts. I promised three days of yoga and 10 miles a week, and I plan on going to yoga tomorrow and Sunday. Tomorrow morning’s yoga class is a killer one – the most advanced one at my studio – but I’m really excited to go kick my own butt!

It will be hard to squeeze another 6.65 miles into this weekend, but since I started this challenge on a whim in the middle of the week (have you figured out that I’m impulsive yet?), maybe I’ll prorate.

And yes, I know it’s 10:23 and I haven’t managed to get my two servings of veggies today (hoping that the green stuff in my falafel pita today count as one), but I’m going to sneak downstairs and make myself a shake with some spinach in it before I go to bed.

What I’m MOST proud of though is that my evil husband bought me a huge slice of chocolate cake today and I turned him down.

To put things in context for you, my sister – one of two gifted photographers in my life – took the picture below on our first morningΒ in Malaysia last year. The top half was her breakfast. The bottom half was mine.


Fruit versus #cronut

If I go through the rest of this month without eating any junk food, it will be a miracle. Only those shakes can save me now!



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