Yoga Challenge Day 1: A run and the Universe

1398200_10152075770880320_548400818_oA good start to my challenge! I had 3 servings of veggies – one in the morning (a handful of spinach that I snuck into my shake), a salad for lunch, and tuna salad with spinach for dinner. No junk food so far, but if I get a sweet craving I can make myself another Shakeology. They’re delicious – it’s almost like having desert. Especially when I put Nutella in there along with the spinach.

The fun part was that I went for a run – 3.65 miles that I reeeeally struggled through – and I ran into a woman a know from my son’s old school who I like a lot but don’t see very much. This is the third time this month I’ve run into her randomly, which tells me the Universe wants me to spend more time with her.

She mentioned she’s competing in The Nation’s Triathlon on Sunday. Not only did I make a mental note to call her soon and make plans, it also got me thinking…. Triathlon, eh? Maybe a little later on I can make a small amendment to my challenge…

Yes, my friends. I am well on my way to becoming a fitness junkie.  But hey, all the nervous energy has to go somewhere!


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