Keeping things interesting: A pledge and a challenge

I haven’t been practicing yoga as much as I’d like lately. When I first got started, I was stuck in a work-related situation I couldn’t see a way out of.  I felt trapped and frustrated and needed an outlet for those feelings so they wouldn’t spiral into my good old friend anxiety.

I really threw myself into yoga that first y1907586_10153960604275437_2022991136_near. I was practicing four times a week – Tues, Weds, Sat and Sun – and my negative feelings were fueling my motivation to keep at it. Over time, the negative feelings began to melt away, and as the situation lost power over me I also felt less of a need to resort to yoga like I once had. Around the same time, I decided to run a Half Marathon with a group of friends and family, and shifted a lot of my focus into training for it.  Three miles turned into five miles turned into eight and eventually twelve, until the day came when we all tackled the 13.1 and came out victorious on the other end.

With the Half Marathon behind me, I really thought I would find myself back to a more frequent yoga practice, but I haven’t. Earlier this year, I jumped shipped from my old position to a new one within the same company, and while I don’t necessarily have to leave any later than I used to, the learning curve has been steep and the job leaves me feeling a little less energetic than I did in the old one.

So, I’ve been trying to find new ways to motivate myself to stay active – partly because I know how good it is for me emotionally, and partly because despite the fact that I think I look pretty good already, I’ve always had this dream of at least for a little while in my life having a really tight ass, no cellulite and a fully-formed six-pack.

I want to be one of those women who just keeps getting better looking, more poised and more confident with age. I have the genetic make-up for it – both my parents are athletic and attractive people – but just for shits and giggles I want to have one of those bodies you can bounce quarters off of.  Just because I can.

One things that’s helped a lot recently with encouraging me to stay active has been participating in a series of Beachbody challenges with other people who are also trying to get fitter. They’re virtual challenges, but being surrounded by people who are also trying to stay on an active an healthy routine has been helpful in motivating me to do the same.  It also allowed me to discover the one healthy thing the pickiest eater in the Universe (my son) will ingest – Shakeology protein shakes, the perfect place for me to hide spinach, almond butter and a bunch of other ingredients (in addition to the pretty healthy ingredients in the shakes already) that are really good for me AND him.

Bottom line, for our next challenge here’s what I’m planning to do. For the next month, I pledge to do at least 30 minutes of yoga three times a week, and run a minimum of 10 miles per week while keeping my meals (moderately) healthy. No junk food allowed and at LEAST two servings of veggies a day, every day (even if I have to hide them in my shakes). My challenge group on Facebook will help me stay accountable, but I’m also going to post my progress here for a double dose of accountability.

I figure this will help with two things – one, it will give me a place to help keep track of my progress, and TWO, it will give me something interesting to blog about and keep you entertained.

Ready? Starting… NOW!


2 thoughts on “Keeping things interesting: A pledge and a challenge

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