Your Personality as Reflected by Your Practice

My son and I, finding our balance.

My son and I, finding our balance.

My balance is VERY terrible – particularly right side up, although not so much upside down. I’m also weirdly inflexible in some places and highly flexible in others, so much so that I sometimes end up providing the comedic relief in my yoga class when trying to come into what for most other people is a very basic pose. I’ve held back giggles more than once as everyone around me sits with their legs in a V and folds forward, and I have to conjure up all the strength I can muster to even sit up straight without propping my self up with my hands. Even a 45 degree angle would be a challenge for me in this pose!

On the flip side, I’ve always been drawn to poses that allow me to experiment, as well as learn a new skill. I’m also a little bit of a secret show-off (I know this about myself, and I try really hard to repress it) and enjoy the looks on people’s faces when I pull off something scary or complicated. I feel so much more at ease when I’m looking at things from a different perspective, rather than when I’m grounded and bound by my range of motion (or lack thereof).

Even as I write these words, though, I recognize some of my personality out in the real world reflected in the way I practice yoga. I like a challenge and I’m always looking to push myself, take risks and try new things. I don’t liked feeling constrained, bound or trapped (I’m also claustrophobic, among other things) by preconceived notions, expectations and social norms, and I DEFINITELY don’t take any of life’s “shoulds” (you “should” have a family, an SUV and a house in the burbs) at face value.

What made me think of all this? I went to a different yoga class tonight, and the instructor’s style was very different from what I’m accustomed to. She was much more mellow, more laid back, and spent more time than I normally do going through seated and standing poses – exactly the kinds of poses I struggle with, which means they’re probably exactly the kinds of poses I need.

Not much of a point to this post. Just another way of saying, I reminded myself tonight that I need to be more proactive about exposing myself to the things that make me uncomfortable, and develop the parts of my personality that will give my profile some balance (both upside down and right side up). Maybe I’ll add this yoga class to my regular rotation – just for practice.

In the meantime, I’ll go to bed and quit yapping before I start talking about Chakras and send everyone stampeding off my follower list.  Good night, everybody.



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